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Operating from 2 locations nationally 
Sutherland in Sydney and Clayton in Melbourne
Spring is here, so get it done NOW.....

 Hi, my name is Greg and I am now sucessfully opperating in two cities, Melbourne and Sydney.
There are 7 days in a week--- and ONE-DAY is not one of them. If you have been putting it off for years-
NOW is the time to get your windows working like they should.
Fix them now, then in 50 years, let someone else worry about fixing them.

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Double glazing or IGU's (insulating glass units) now available for timber double hung windows- make an enquiry now.
 Now, you can have genuine, standard double glazing, put directly into your windows. Your old glass is simply replaced with a double glazed panel, cutting power bills 

ALL YEAR ROUND and reducing noise levels.
Sashcords, sash cord and spiral balance replacement in timber and aluminium windows.
Aluminium or timber windows not staying up on their own?
windows hard to opperate, cloged or jambing with paint?
DON'T feel hot this summer! 

Draft exclusion and Rattle stop for a 
hassle-free and PEACEFUL night sleep

SAVE on your heating and cooling bills all year round. 
Spring is here, so stop the heating you have just paid for from escaping

Double hung window repairs.
everything from *Single or complete re-cords in timber
or aluminium windows.     
*Stop those drafts and save in air conditioning/heating costs by inserting Q-Lon rubber backed weather seal into your existing timber beads or replace your old mohair seals arround your existing

drafty aluminium windows.            
* Supply & install 'V-Lam Hush' 
6.5mm, 8.5mm & 10.5mm
*Re-weighting due to heavier glass being installed.                           
*Replace  spiral balances in timber or
aluminium windows. UPTO 40KG WINDOWS
with 'assisted lift balances' to make your
              windows move with minimal force.                     
*Easing and servicing of those windows that
have many years of paint on them.   
*Glazing whilst servicing windows, general glass replacement, double glazing for thermal/noise insulation and to save on energy bills. or V-lam hush to reduce noise in high traffic areas.
upto 40% reduction in noise transmission.  
STOP children falling out -or intruders getting in
VENT-LOCK to optionally secure the window in a ventilated position 'open 4 inches'
 Payment due on completion. Cash, Cheque, EFT-POS or Credit card.
Please call for a quote. 0414 540893
or submit form below but dont forget to leave your reply e-mail
Free quotes within 20km of Clayton, Victoria then POA

Unique double glazing fitted to existing window,


Unique double glazing fitted to existing window,
Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: mrsashcord@gmail.com

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